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I completed my Diploma in Interior Decorating in 1985 and since then my Architect husband and I have had our own very successful business "Aspect Designs P/L".

Together we have won over 30 awards in the industry by combining the external built forms designed by Michael and I work with interior spatial design, materials, colour and decoration work in response to our clients personality. 

My work as a decorator has been highlighted in printed media such as Belle, House and Garden, Trends, Luxury Homes and Best Homes magazines.

Following years of success in in my Interior Decorating career, I am now concentrating on producing "one-off" commissioned, customised art pieces, as well as displaying ready made pieces in my gallery.

I love working with large resin art, impasto painting, cold wax & oil, encaustic art (bees wax), mosaics, slumping and fusing of glass, ceramic painting and polymer clay work.

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